Helping Kids Fall in Love With Science

The Problem:

Ask a bunch of students what their favourite subject is and few will say ‘GEOLOGY!’ Donna was passionate about instilling a love for the land in her students. The answer: The Global Warming Summit, a one day event that includes local media and parents, and has significantly lifted student’s enjoyment of science. Donna’s holds these summits throughout the year. 

“I love science! I want students to understand that many issues in society are related to science, and that there is science in everything you do. These students are our future and we want them to be passionate.”

Donna’s Solution: 

  1. Donna started by making sure she had the support of the Science Coordinator and the Geology teachers.
  2. Donna and her team needed a topic. It needed to be relevant, both to science and the kids, have media coverage, and have at least two sides to the story. Global warming fit the bill. 
  3. Donna started handing out roles. The Global Warming Summit had delegates, journos, secretaries, a chairperson, and filmographers. 
  4. With a timeline rather than a rubric to work towards, the students were directing their own learning. 
  5. A week before the summit, Donna had students who were writing for the newsletter, the local media was getting involved, and the parents were all being invited to attend. 
  6. Donna asked the English and Science Coordinators to judge the event. 
  7. Once the summit was over, students filled out surveys on the day. Feedback was that most students now rated their enjoyment in science at a 4 or 5.

Like the idea?

If you’d like to run your own Science Summit, Donna gives her blessing. She’s got more cool ideas to help you with your big day, so shoot an email and we’ll connect you. Feel free to voice your support in the comments as well. 

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