Collaboration between rural schools

The Problem:

This years Auditor-General’s report found that not only is there a significant achievement gap between metro kids and their country counterparts, but the gap is getting bigger. Rural education often suffers from isolation and a lack of strong education networks. Imogen has begun to attack this problem in her area by connecting teachers across large distances through a collaborative teaching approach that is focused on supporting first year grads, making use of tech to bring the cluster together, and create a learning environment where students know how to write for a real audience. 

Imogen’s Solution:

1. Find your champions. Imogen found some supportive Principals by focusing on the power of collaboration and the opportunity for mentoring new teachers.

2. Talk logistics. Figure out some protocols for how the collaborative teaching will actually work.

3. Check out the most efficient means for sharing planning and teaching. Imogen decided the best tools were Kldblog for students sharing work, the Planboard App for Chrome to share the planning process, and PolyCom Units for delivering the lesson across the network.

4. Lock in some common planning time and a slot for delivering the lesson.

5. Use PolyComs for regular collaborative planning sessions and getting feedback from the last lesson.

6. Continue the cycle; a weekly planning session, lesson delivery, and student interaction centred on some type of publishing (online or orally).

7. Spread the joy! Start working with other teachers to help them use this project  to improve their teaching and support networks.

“Our school and the schools in the cluster attend Professional Development sessions together and have quite a good culture of sharing resources. This has assisted in the project’s success.

Like the Idea?

If you want to use tech to improve your collaboration and teaching, Imogen is thrilled to share some ideas. Email if you want to get in touch with Imogen and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer her on in the comments below as well. 

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