How to Ensure Consistent Lessons for Kids

The Problem:

Laura was concerned that inconsistency in teaching across different classes and subjects played too much of a role in outcomes for students. She believes that how well kids do in school should be dependent on how committed and apt the student is, not on external variables. Laura thinks that improved collaboration between staff can ensure fair opportunities at school for all students, so she’s worked to develop consistent school wide practises to improve teaching and learning.

Laura’s Solution: 

  1. Develop a document with the whole staff that outlines some protocols and components of effective teaching. Laura’s school used Wayne Craig as a resource in this process.
  2. Laura organised her team into ‘triads’. A triad is made up of three staff members, and one school leader. 
  3. The triads choose one protocol to focus their PL on. 
  4. Each triad creates a schedule to make sure they are observing and giving feedback focussed on the chosen protocol. 
  5. Observation/feedback continues throughout the year.
  6. The triads become experts in their area, regularly sharing what they’ve learned with the whole staff body to keep everyone up to date.
  7. Celebrate! Acknowledge the great collabs and PL that’s going on.
  8. Recap and repeat. It’s time to explore the next protocol.

We have a passion for kids and education; this project is having a huge impact on our capacity to provide a quality education for our kids.”

Like the Idea?

If you want to try the triad system at your school, Laura is more than happy for you to copy the idea, and has some great insights. Shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Laura and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer her on in the comments below as well. 

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