The Problem:

It really frustrated Kandi that sometimes the kids who really needed an extra hand in school were being left behind. For her, the root cause of this problem was that she often witnessed student records not being kept in a way that made it easy for teachers to best support the kids most at need. The HELP ME program helps teachers store and access the necessary information and tools to help these students.

“Faced with the challenge of students with concerning behaviours and students who were significantly behind their peers academically, teachers realised they were unaware of the specialists and agencies who could help these students and the process involved in referring them for support.”

Kandi’s Solution: 

  1. The project coordinator gives teachers a file containing an easy how to guide for referring at risk students to relevant professionals.  
  2. Teachers are encouraged to keep a close eye on their class, staying on the lookout for kids with concerning behaviours or those working significantly below their peers. 
  3. The project coordinator works with the teacher to profile the kids that need help. Then the coordinator, principal and classroom teacher work on a six week support plan that will be implemented while the referral is being processed. 
  4. The project coordinator teaches the teacher how to fill out the referral paperwork. 
  5. The project coordinator supports the teacher in completing the first referral, and then the teacher completes the next referral without aid. 
  6. The referrals are stored in such a manner that they won’t be overlooked, manually (and securely) in three locations, and emailed to the appropriate agency with the principal, teacher and project coordinator CCed in. 
  7. Support services advise the appropriate outcome, and stakeholders meet together regularly to discuss concerns, success and challenges in helping the student. 

“The number of specialist visits has increased since we commenced the process, we have more specialist reports on record for these students than a year ago.”

Like the Idea?

If you want to improve the referral process at your school for at risk kids, Kandi might be able to share some more ideas with you. Shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Kandi and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer her on in the comments below as well. 

Categories: Staff, Wellbeing

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