The Business of Positivity

The Problem

Rob knows that how kids and staff treat each other makes a huge difference to learning outcomes. He is so passionate about positivity that he has started a project that is making the creation of an uplifting culture everyone’s responsibility. We think Manage Up 4 Kids is a really innovative approach to spreading the good vibes around, so we’re pleased to be able share this idea with you fine people.

I have a passion for positive learning environments and strongly believe that if students are unhappy or don’t get along with others then learning won’t happen.”

Rob’s Solution

  1. Figure out the problem in detail. Rob started by encouraging his kids to come to a unanimous agreement on things that made a culture negative. 
  2. He turned the class into a business, and established a currency system that incentivised appropriate behaviour. 
  3. Rob as the CEO created two student groups;
    1. the Board of Management, which included positions like ‘Director of Happiness and Wellbeing’ and  ‘Director of Marketing and Operations’.  
    2. The ‘Lucky Think Group’ who are in charge of inventing and planning activities that promote a positive culture. 
  4. He then brought in the parents as ‘Investors’ asking them to support the positive attitudes and behaviours. 
  5. He then worked to spread the fun. The ‘Director of Young Leaders’ works with younger kids to increase positivity in the whole school, and the Director of Staff Relations works with other teachers. 
  6. Rob has continued to improve the program. When things weren’t working, he would pivot and try something different. His final piece of advice is to never give up on your ‘We Believe’ statement. (If you are an EC Changemaker Alumni you will know what this means!)

Like the Idea?

Rob is really happy for you to give the positivity business a go in your classroom. Shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Rob and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer him on in the comments below as well. Be nice to each other friends, its a jungle out there! 

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