Safer Drivers, Better Job Seekers, Happier Kids

The Problem

Year 10 is a tough time to keep kids engaged at school. They’re often struggling to see how school improves their futures, and as kids have a tendency to do, they desperately want to get involved with anything and everything ‘adult’. Kelly runs an 8 week program in her English class that even the kids know drives real world results.

I believe teaching is about more than just the curriculum. Kids need opportunities that connect them to the real world and help them think about life after school.

Kelly’s Solution

  1. She started by trying to find some partners who could save her time and effort. Kelly turned up a bunch of useful stuff, from free PL offered by Keys 4 Life (a program that teaches kids safe driving), to previous career projects at her school. 
  2. She then decided to use a practical incentive, challenging them to keep up an 80% attendance rate to be able to go on work experience and sit their ‘L’ Plates at school.
  3. Kelly designed and ran an 8 week course focused on driver and career education, during which her students wrote resumes and application letters, organised work experience, researched issues for young drivers on the road, created a safety ad, and learned the road rules. 
  4.  Celebrate. Make a big deal when the kids are successful. 

Kids are getting involved and having success! Some of them have received work and apprenticeship offers out of their work experience placements and others feel confident enough to use their resumes and apply for jobs. Some have even started driving lessons now they’ve passed the Learner’s Permit Theory Test.”

Like this Idea?

Kelly’s thrilled if you are inspired by her project to start something similar in your school, so shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Kelly and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer her on in the comments below as well. 

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