Handing the Data to Students

The Problem

Jarryd believes in a school where students are the owners of their learning, but in many classrooms, learning is teacher driven, and for every year a child is in school, a 5% drop in engagement is experienced. Jarryd decided it was time to hand the authorship of learning back over to students, and set about developing self-directed, independent and powerful students, where the process of learning becomes a partnership between students, teachers, and parents.  

Jarryd’s Solution

One of the first things Jarryd set about doing after the first Changemaker workshop was to open up all of his data so that students could access it, and he turned it into a display in his classroom. Jarryd then worked with students to help them understand what the data means and together they made growth the priority (rather than academic grades).

Throughout the learning cycle, Jarryd held student forums to discuss how the class could make changes to improve their learning growth, and they introduced student goal setting. Jarryd helped each learner map out what they wanted to achieve in terms of growth, and some realistic and tangible steps they could take in moving towards that goal.

Together Jarryd and his class are continuing to refine their learning goals, Jarryd’s teaching methods and the structure of their lessons.

Jarryd’s Impact

Jarryd has worked with 26 students this year, all of whom now have a better understanding of their learning and confidence in their ability to make changes. 30 teaching colleagues from Jarryd’s school and other school sites have shown interest in the program and are beginning to implement Handing the Data to Students in their own classrooms.

“Students from my class have told me about how they really enjoyed being involved in the planning and learning using data. They said they felt as if they were in control of their learning. After students ran their interviews with their families, I have seen an increase in students’ ownership of their choices and the management of their learning. They have been (and continue to be) honest about their progress, and they know exactly what they need to do in order to grow.”

Like the idea?

Jarryd would love your support for Handing the Data to Students, or for you to start a similar program in your school, and he’d love to hear about any ideas you have or lend a hand where he can. Shoot an email to maddie@educationchangemakers.com if you want to get in touch with Jarryd and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer him on in the comments below as well.

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