You’ve Been Spotted!

The Problem

Mark think it is problematic that the majority of good behaviour in schools goes unrecognised, and instead the majority of time is spent focussing on negative behaviour. He believes in a school where everyone is acknowledged for the efforts they make, however at the start of the Changemaker Program, Mark realised that negative behaviour was the key focus at his school, that staff didn’t acknowledge the efforts of their colleagues publicly, and that students didn’t have formal opportunities to thank staff members who were going above and beyond.

Mark’s Solution

Mark decided to give students and staff opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of others within the school community by highlighting positive efforts being made.

Mark and his colleagues worked as a team to develop a ‘You’ve Been Spotted’ process; a recognition system for students displaying positive behaviours in the playground. Together they developed a set of criteria for giving a YBS slip. Students who receive a slip go into a draw and every Friday a YBS draw is broadcast across the school with the winning student receiving a small prize.

Mark’s team have now extended the ‘You’ve Been Spotted’ concept so that students can recognised the positive behaviour being displayed by staff using ‘Students Spotting Teachers’ slips. Similarly, staff can recognise the work of their colleagues with ‘Staff Spotting Staff’ as a section on the school’s Electronic Day Book.

The initiative has been shared with parents and the wider school community through the school newsletter and on Facebook.

Mark’s Impact

480 students and 70 staff members have had the opportunity to be involved in ‘You’ve Been Spotted’. Each week, 6 students are selected and their parents are called and congratulated. There’s been a noticeable reduction in playground rubbish noted by the school’s groundsman, and as a result he has more time to work on other things.

“A staff member’s son was the recipient of a random ‘You’ve Been Spotted’ award a couple of weeks ago. He is always well behaved and tries hard at school. He was so proud and excited to go to the office to select his prize, as well as having his name read out over the school’s PA system. This small project has a huge impact on students, acknowledging their efforts outside of the classroom, promoting positive behaviours and showing students that we appreciate their efforts.”

Like the idea?

Mark would love your support for You’ve Been Spotted, or for you to start a similar program in your school, and he’d love to hear about any ideas you have or lend a hand where he can. Shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Mark and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer him on in the comments below as well.

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