STEM for Breakfast

The Problem

Danielle thinks it is unacceptable that girls and socially disadvantaged students don’t have the same opportunities or beliefs in themselves that students in different circumstances do. Unfortunately, at the start of the program at Danielle’s school parents weren’t being aspirational for their kids, girls were aspiring to be homemakers, and STEM jobs were seen as “jobs for the boys”. Danielle believes in a school where all students, irrespective of gender or background, believe they can be successful, and she set about to make this a reality.

Danielle’s Solution

The key to Danielle’s initiative was having students show their parents how masterful they are in STEM, alerting them to the fact that they can go on to be successful in STEM subjects at high school and STEM fields as career paths. Already her initiative is having a great impact!

Each week one grade level (Prep – Grade 6) took over the school’s new Science and Technology wing for breakfast and afternoon tea sessions with parents. During these sessions the students became the STEM experts, teaching their parents (in their native language) a variety of STEM activities. The aim was to get parents into the school and involved in their child’s learning, and to show them that their children are highly skilled. Students are also empowered to feel like scientists, engineers and technology experts.

Danielle’s Impact

So far Danielle’s initiative has positively impacted at least 11 families who attended the sessions, including three Hakha Chin families who previously had never come into the classrooms.

“One of the girls in my grade’s mum at parent teacher interviews at the start of the year said she was ‘just glad she’d made it this far.’ At her STEM breakfast session she was calling her daughter a ‘junior scientist’.”

Like the idea?

Danielle would love your support for STEM for Breakfast, or for you to start a similar program in your school, and she’d love to hear about any ideas you have or lend a hand where she can. Shoot an email to if you want to get in touch with Danielle and we can connect you. Feel free to cheer her on in the comments below as well.

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