Teacher Capacity

Ideal for larger schools that struggle with keeping new teachers. 
Prep time: 1 semester
Project time: 2 years 
Cost ($$$): Low
Cost (Time): Medium
Serves: 200+
Difficulty: Hard


– 3 orientation days before term 1

– 1 curriculumn expert

– 1 administration expert

– 5 graduate english teachers

– 5 mentor teachers

– 4 meetings with principal in first term

– weekly meetings with team leader

– 1 community luncheon

– 1 community tour

– 1 book for group reading


  1. Outline plan for new english teacher induction program with principal.

NOTE: emphasise the importance of valuing new teachers and frame the induction program as a solution to high attrition rates. Be honest about time commitments and cost.

2. Find a community liaison to run first day of pre teaching induction (this day is short, includes a community luncheon, town tour and drinks at the local pub).

3. Find an administration expert to lead Day 2 of pre teaching induction. (Day 2 focusses on the admin side of teaching. School layout, classroom setup, lesson plans, budgets, timetabling etc.)

4. Choose a curriculum expert to lead Day 3 of pre teaching introduction. (Day 3 will focus on the development of the curriculum, behavioural management strategies, and testing)

5. Run 3 days of enjoyable training for graduate teachers.

6. Run weekly meetings to support and improve new teacher practise and discuss professional reading, ideas for improvement in the classroom. Offer peer evaluations and support.

7. Measure teacher retention over next two years.


“The hardest part was finding people who understood the vision and wanted to give their time to it. Once you have a team of people who believe in what your doing, everything get’s easier”


Hayley's new teacher induction program has had a positive impact on 29 teachers, and 200 kids at Fictional High School.

Hayley’s new teacher induction program has had a positive impact on 29 teachers, and 200 kids at Fictional High School.

Hayley was concerned that Fictional High School was not keeping graduate teachers beyond two years. Her concern for the future of her school led her to research the most successful programs for teacher retention. In her search she began to amalgamate a program based on the success of the Lafourche Parish Schools, Islip Public Schools and Dallas New Teachers Initiative. This recipe is for the first stage of her program which has increased the retention of teachers in her local area from 47% to 89%. The Fictional New Teacher Induction Program is now used for all new teachers in her school, and is piloting with Fictional High’s local cluster. Early data is suggesting that students in classes led by teachers who are in the New Teacher Induction Program have 25% more students score above their year level in the NAPLAN’s and 96% of students say that they feel their teacher care’s about them and is capable of supporting their learning. Hayley, we salute your great work.

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